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That's not such a far fetched idea...

While it isn't exactly the same thing as k_dawg posted - it's in the same vein.

Edit - - Ok - I have to apologies a little.

I thought it would be a lot easier to track down where the idea of using RICO to go after congress members that co-sponsor anti 2nd amendment rights than it turned out to be.

I tried to search for RICO - but - I got a zillion and three hits - mostly Puerto Rico...
I could even be wrong on the site here could very well have come up on the High Road...

Anyhow - yes - at one time there was some discussion either here, THR or possibly even about using RICO.
For newer members here.. TFL, THR and all operated very close together at one time or another. Many of the staff and the "regulars" posted or moderated or pitched in at all three.

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