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Skunked >Not yet!!

I was hunting for 12 days out of a 16 day season in Northern MN with my 270. Nothing seen, heard, or smelled. But I didn't come back empty handed. Son harvested a nice size nubbin buck third day into our season. Since he registered his deer and I didn't see one. (each hunter is allowed to take only one deer this year in the zone we hunt) I now get to go B/P hunting for another 7-10 days here in Northern MN again. Wife is just tickled - concerning my departure the weekend after turkey day. No down side this year. Gee life's great!!_

Other than those [email protected] Grey Wolves howling all night long._ No snow, warm weather, pretty much shuts the hunting down up there by the MN border w/Canada. Those who got their deer in St. Louis county are very lucky this year. For me it ain't over till that Fat Lady sings and she's not even warming up yet._ To be honest I prefer B/P hunting better. More of a challenge for me to "make meat" as they say._
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