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In my experience, few guns carry better in a pants pocket than a small revolver such as a S&W J-Frame or Ruger LCR. While they will print to some degree (all but the very smallest guns will when carried in a pants pocket), their more rounded contours do not make them stand out as a gun in the same manner that the sharper, more squared corners of most semi-automatics do.

As to all the reports about pocket carry being unsafe or an accident waiting to happen, the devil is in the details. In most of the reports, we are not told whether or not the people who shot themselves were using a holster or not and in many cases we're not even told what type of gun they were using. Furthermore, many of these reports are rather suspect particularly the ones which claim that the gun just went off on its own when dropped or otherwise disturbed.

Most modern handguns including nearly all of the ones which have been reccomended here have multiple safety features that make it nearly impossible for the gun to fire unless the trigger is pulled. The claim that a gun just went off on its own when dropped or jostled indicates to me that either the gun in question was an older design of suspect quality or, more likely, there's more to the story that the person who had the accident doesn't want to admit to.

Furthermore, a good pocket holster is a must when choosing to pocket carry. A proper pocket holster accomplishes two things: it keeps the gun oriented in the pocket so that it's not pointing at vital structures such as the femoral artery and it covers the trigger guard so that nothing can touch the trigger until the gun is drawn. Likewise, nothing else should be carried in the same pocket as the gun, particularly if one foolishly chooses to carry without a holster.

With a modern handgun, good pocket holster, and proper attention to safe practices, pocket carry is a perfectly safe manner of carry. If, however, someone chooses to simply stuff whatever cheap hunk of junk they found in a pawn shop into their pocket alongside their keys and don't bother to get a pocket holster, well then they're asking for an accident.
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