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wanted to bump this because I've just gotten some funds and decided to tackle this again.

I ran into some problems restoring it. The rust is worse than I thought, got in over my head. A lot of screws broke off from rust and such. Point is, it's beyond repair with what i have right now. So what I would like to do is just buy another one, and switch out the entire FCG if I have to. I want to keep as much of the rifle as possible for sentimental reasons, but I want it to fire.

So, based on the above images of the model number and such, if I wanted to buy a rifle that has salvageable parts, would a Marlin 81 be a fit? or do I need to find this exact rifle in JC Higgins. If so, I've been searching google, but is there any specific place I might have more luck at finding one?
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