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Mike Irwin
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"I just hate to see a valuable tool in the toolbox discarded because some shooters get the vapors about theoretical disasters."

EVERYONE just knows that if you wear a horizontal shoulder holster you're going to be walking down the street drilling kids and Nuns, all without touching the trigger...

And, no matter what, when you draw from that horizontal holster, you're going to blow your arm off at the elbow because EVERYONE knows that the second you paint your arm with the muzzle the gun is going to fire. Doesn't matter if your finger is on the trigger or not, you WILL lose your arm...

And, EVERYONE knows that it's so much easier for Bobby Bad Guy to walk up to you, grab your gun, and kill you with it. See, shoulder holsters are dangerous because, even if it's properly concealed, every bad egg KNOWS you're wearing a shoulder holster and is suddenly imbued with the magical ability to approach you from the front and grab your gun, all while you stand there like a big frozen lump of nothing.

With a hip holster, though? That will NEVER happen because you own the magic then and are blessed with eyes in the back of your head that allows you to spot the approach of Bobby Bad Guy...
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Baby Jesus cries when the fat redneck doesn't have military-grade firepower.
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