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I know it does not save a lot, but had the press and everything, so just wanted to get a 9mm round down so i could crank out a few thousand.

I don't shoot a lot, but that is changing as I have gotten back into guns and added and adding to my collection.

I will test the next round out in the barrel - we did try a few in the barrel on the first couple we did - so I will do that if I run any more through the Glock.

In the future I will switch to fmj. I just like them better anyway, but I had a lot of lead stock from my mentor Father so that is why I was using in the Glock.

And the several times I have landed and taken off in a small plan - with Pilot next to me - I was not anywhere near being drunk. But landing in 30 knots in North Carolina that one time made me wish I was because that scared the heck out of me!
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