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randyc74, I appreciate the sentiment, and the effort you put into helping your friend. I also appreciate the point you are making to us.

That said, I hope you have a sense of humor, and realize most, if not all, of us aren't trying to belittle you, but can't resist having some fun with the language.

I am going to have to work "embiggened" into a sentence in conversation sometime soon...

But anyway, randyc74, keep up the good work, and please don't take some of the joking around in here personally.
Well said MLeake. Keep up the good work randyc74. I would add a Ruger SR/SRc mold gun to the mix, but it's your shop.

FWIW I believe embiggenment is the desired result of some modern pharmaceuticals targeted toward older men...
"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." Benjamin Franklin

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