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What if your first indication of trouble that someone grabs you from behind and then you are both down on the ground tussling?
One of the BIG advantages of a revolver that many people overlook. Particularly as a backup weapon.

An automatic is more susceptible to malfunctioning in this situation. You have to train and practice on protecting the gun and making space to be able to fire it.

With a revolver, as long as something isn't holding onto the cylinder, it will fire repeatedly even jammed into someone.

Many people envision their usage of a defensive weapon based on what they see on COPS. While it is possible that you will have your gun drawn on an assailant before hostilities occur, it is also likely you will already be on the ground fighting by the time you even realize you are under attack as a civilian.

Just something to keep in mind when evaluating pocket autos versus revolvers.

This, by the way is coming from someone who only carries autos right now.

But I am seriously evaluating keeping at least a 5 shot J-frame as a backup.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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