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My Father Didn't Raise ANY fools!

I have about 56 rounds threw my new G17, but had a problem with reloads on the last 6!

So on two occasions, the slide would not go into battery because of my old crappy reloads. They were just round nose lead bullets, but they just did not work. Should I not have used these in a glock?

I took out the one that was so stuck that me, the range officer and an on site gun smith looked at it with the round stuck. I managed to keep pulling on it till it got unstuck.

I did however shoot most of the 300 some rounds through my Baretta PX4 with no problem inlcuding the one that was stuck in the Glock.




During my life there are a few things that I have decided, CONSCIOUSLY, that I didn't want to do. I didn't do drugs, didn't fly a plane after drinking, and I decided not to use lead bullets in my Glock. (There are a few others!)

Glock says that your NOT supposed to because of their Polygonal rifling and excessive leading. Now I take everything with a grain of salt. I think that you can probably get away with doing it, IF you clean your barrel with a good lead removing bore cleaner after every trip to the range. And, I'd really watch any swaging that I did to lead bullets after seating them for your little Glock.

It sounds like you don't shoot a LOT, and how much money can you possibly save if you don't shoot a lot.

So, my answer is, - do it if you want to, "Your Big Now" - Don't load the powder charges up too heavy, don't put any type of rolled crimp on the bullet, and clean the bore super good after every trip to the range. You might even make sure each of your reloads fits the chamber with a nice clearance and falls out easily BEFORE firing the pistol.

That's it, - I'm not doing it, but lots of people drive drunk too.

Stay safe,

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