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Buy a good Smith instead, you'll be happy for the rest of your life.
That might be good advice...note...MIGHT be...if the OP was simply looking for "a revolver." But he said he was looking for A PYTHON. I'm a Smith & Wesson guy myself, but when I wanted a Python, sorry, Smith & Wesson didn't make those. No matter how many Smith & Wessons I bought, they just weren't a Python.

Now, I'm not saying the Python is any better than a's just different. And it is unique.

To the OP. I finally found the Python I'd been looking for years at my LGS. It's not a pristine, unfired, in the box with papers and such, but it's a good shooter and doesn't look like it was used to drive fence nails. The key was I was there at the right time (check often), and I was ready to strike when I saw it (thank goodness for layaway).
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