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If you HAVE to pocket carry..... IN MY HUMBLE OPINION (updated because my direct approach offends some ) A small revolver is a better choice than a semi auto.

And....... ALWAYS use a pocket holster

I used to pocket carry a CM9, and was told about the "Tueller drill" which is used by some agencies to see how fast an officer can draw and hit someone If they are rushing toward them from 7 yards away.

(a realistic situation for a CCW holder)

The truth was...... I had a hard time getting to the pistol and drawing it quickly from a pocket.

And no, I dont buy pants a size too small.

I did much better with a LCR, but I am MUCH faster with a IWB draw.

Lay a semi auto nose down on a table.

Then put a revolver nose down on a table.

Compare the heighth difference. The semi sticks up much higher.

This sharp angle of the back of the semi auto works against a quick draw,
And can "hang" in some pockets.

That extra height from the back of the semi auto is what makes a smooth pull
under stress difficult from a pocket

I have had some people tell me that "when they get in bad situations, they
just put their hand in their pocket on the gun"

That may work...... Or, you may just walk by a guy, in a good part of town,
Who looks like you, who is on you in an instant.

What would you do then?

What if your first indication of trouble that someone grabs you from behind and then you are both down on the ground tussling? Do you think you will be
able to get into a pocket at that point?...... It aint happening.

I dont know about the whole shooting the leg fear, but I do feel it is unsafe to
carry a weapon that I cant get to and use quickly.

If you have huge pockets on every pair of pants, and you can quickly draw
from all of them....... All power to you.

I know for me.... It didnt work

I USED to be in the pocket carry group.... Not any longer.

My M&P Shield sits comfortably in a IWB Remora holster ( no clips), and its always a quick draw
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