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We used to have cattle and the coyotes would be a problem. I have pets and two of them went to the coyotes. My grandfather raised pigs and cattle, coyotes again were a problem. Here in West Tennessee, coyotes are everywhere and they will attack anything; some people have even been attacked. Just because some dude on some tv show got a bad shot, either due to lack of skill or game on the trot doesn't mean that he thoroughly enjoyed it and licked his chops at the sign of an injured animal. I enjoy the hunt and the meat from the hunt. But what I enjoy more is when I know that I am saving my family's investment in cattle, crop, pets, pigs, etc... by taking out a few of the thousand coyotes in the area. Grow up, coyotes cause major economic problems for farmers and ranchers as well as any family with an outdoor family pet.
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