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I have an LCP and love it. Is the trigger a little long, sure, but it is a DAO pocket pistol, I want it to be a little long. Other than its length, I have no complaints about the trigger (it isn't like my 1911 but it isn't meant to be). Recoil is a little stout, but that is to be expected out of a gun that shoots an adequate cartridge and weighs under 10oz. Still, for me, the gun is more pleasant to shoot than my 15oz S&W 442 Airweight.

My biggest complaint is the sights. They are practically non-existent. The range I most often use has a minimum allowed shooting distance of 25 feet. With this gun, that can be difficult for the first mag or two while getting used to shooting without any sights to speak of. If I was to do it over, I'd either get one of the little .380s with decent sights (probably the Taurus) or, more likely, get one with the Crimson Trace or LaserMax lasers already provided with the gun (difference in MSRP: $84 with the LaserMax and $170 with the Crimson Trace). A laser would make a big difference in practical accuracy and quick target acquisition. As it is, I'll probably buy one for my LCP in the next few months (before next summer when I expect my LCP to get a lot more use).
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