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The charts do illustrate that 9mm isn't the "weak" round that a lot of people seem to regard it as.

9mm corbon 115gr JHP chrono's out of my 5.35" Glock 34 at: 1400fps/500ft-lbs.

which means my 5.35" glock 9 is on par with a 3" .357 mag.

I think 9mm gets a bad rep due to it's lighter loadings being very light (as little as 200 ft-lbs). So when you say "9mm ammo", it's quite a range of power levels you're talking about. And also due to an unfortunate fad in the late 80's involving 147gr subsonic 9mm, which simply proved to not be a very effective stopper.

out of a same-length barrel though, .38, 9x19mm, and .357 should show a steady progression in firepower. with the slowest 9's being very similar to a .38, and the fastest 9's being close on the heels of the most common .357 defense loads.

I think .38 and 9mm suffer a bit in short barrels, especially the .38. While .40/.45/.357 have enough punch to get away with a short barrel and still be effective.
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