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Why do people think that a bullet a few thousandths of an inch larger will increase pressure by some huge amount?
History lesson:
I bought a Browning Hi-Power in 1973. At that time, I couldn't find any 0.355" bullets and the only 0.356" bullets were 130gn FMJ-RN for .38 Super (S&W had just come out with their M39 and that was the ONLY US 9x19. I, like ALL reloaders for 9x19 at the time, used 0.357" jacketed bullets and 0.358" lead bullets and everything was fine. No noticeable increase in pressure and fine functioning. For jacketed bullets, my favorite were 125gn 0.357" JHP or JSP. Both had little to no jacket over the bullet ogive and I had to polish the rough feed ramp on the BHP.
All my 9x19s perform great with 0.357" jacketed and 0.358" lead to this day. I am shooting 0.356" JHPs nowadays from Zero.
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