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Thanks for sharing, loademwell and brigond.

Originally Posted by loademwell
In very similar shoes as OP. I too am getting back into reloading from being out of it for 10 years. Back then I had the Lee single stage. O frame. Not a bad press. I did break it after 2 years of working the press. Not sure how but where the arm connects to the bottom of the ram, that's what broke.
The linkage on the Lee Challenger (single stage) press (which is the same as that on the Deluxe Turret Press) is not as strong as the linkage on the Lee Classic Cast (single stage) press. The Lee Deluxe Turret press uses the same linkage as the Challenger. The Lee Classic Turret uses the same linkage as the Classic Cast.

I have been told that the weaker linkages have been upgraded in the past year, but cannot testify to that personally yet.

Originally Posted by loademwell
The only thing that had me a bit concerned: When I was looking at the Lee Turret press, people were saying that that the shelf that the dies are in seemed to move a little bit. So they were worried about if the FL size was indeed giving FL. But they didn't have any trouble out on the range.
The "shelf" or Turret Disk does have vertical movement. But all turret presses have vertical movement. Otherwise they would be bound up and would not turn. If the vertical movement is always the same, there is no adjustment problem and full-length sizing is full-length sizing.
There seem to be two kits for this press. The Deluxe and the ????? Cant remember that one. I know that you more and less do not want the Deluxe. That one is,,,,, Say,,, missing parts. The press is set up to reload quick. Getting the Deluxe, you have to buy other parts that go on the press to go faster.
Deluxe Turret is the older design. Classic Turret is newer.

There are 3-hole Deluxe Turrets still being sold. There are 4-Hole Deluxe Turrets with auto-indexing. There are Classic Turrets (4-hole only). The new models of the Deluxe Turret operate the same way as the Classic Turret. Both have auto-advance and both have 4-hole turrets. I believe older models of the Deluxe with the 3-hole turrets don't have the auto-advance.

Note: The Classic Turret is made of cast iron where the Deluxe is Aluminum framed. The Deluxe sends spent primers down a spillway (but not 100%) where the Classic drops them down the center of the ram nearly 100%. The Classic Turret has a full inch more vertical space than the Deluxe Turret, allowing loading long action rifle cartridges that the Deluxe cannot.

The Classic Turret is superior to the Deluxe Turret in several ways. Depending on your needs, the less expensive Deluxe Turret or the more expensive Classic Turret may be better for you.

Originally Posted by brigond
To get started , with this kit you need to order a extension for the powder hopper in order to use the auto primer.
If you have the swivel adapter, you can rotate the Auto-Disk powder measure (your "hopper") to get it centered over the center of rotation. Doing so makes the indexing of the turret smoother and maximizes the distance between the primer feed and the powder measure. You can also stack two (or even three) of the risers (extension) and they still work as designed.

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