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Repeat, is 5.6 gr what you get from the autodisk on a scale or is it what the chart says you are supposed to get?
Sorry: was sure I'd typed that in an earlier reply. All my disk measures were checked with a digital scale, and I re-check every ten cartridges or so.

39.9 mm
No, 39.39mm. This is a number I have in one of my sources. Again, I think I got it from the Lee Die instructions sheet.

If you want to run loads that light, I would change to VV N310. Maybe N320 at the slowest.
I don't want light loads, per se. I thought I had found a decent load that would not strain the gun, nor the shooter and made the powder go a bit further. Bear in mind that this is the first incidence of problems with this recipe so far.

Now that I think about it, the only change I may have made is choice of primer: I think all these were Fiocchi...

Either way, when this powder is finished, I will probably go for a faster powder.

It'll be cheaper to shoot, too.
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