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You heard me right

Yes you heard me right.

With the bullets the gun doesn't like: slow fire, two hand grip, whether makeshift bench rest or not, groups were about the width of a sheet of paper at 5-7 yards. I say 5-7 because it's the minimal distance of the outdoor range and I don't remember if it is 5 or 7 yards away. Yes those are horrible groups and very frustrating to think that you are far better than your equipment.

In contrast, after I get warmed up I can usually shoot out a 2-something inch hole offhand with a 2 hand grip with my M&P40c slow fire at the same distance.

The newer batch of bullets that seem to work were not shot from a bench since I was not expecting anything out of them. I had actually purchased them so I could teach a new shooter to shoot cheaply and part way through the range trip I acted on a little hope the new bullets would do better. I was pleasantly surprised. The groups were not quite slow fire, two handed, standing.

I almost feel like a smoothebore would do better than those bullets my gun doesn't like.
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