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Aside from POSSIBLY color, you bought the same thing I did, from my recently aquired wisdom..

I picked up the ASAP sling plate. Once I got it put on, I loved it. While I was putting it on, I decided it wouldn't have been worth it if I knew what I was getting into. If you do want a sling, either stick with the two point basic with your MOE stock and the sideways mounted swivel near your front tower.... OR get one of those clamshell clamp mounts, OR resign yourself to dealing with a staked castle nut. (staked castle nut means they take a punch and stick some metal into little notches making that nut only move if someone makes a concerted effort to move it). Having done it, I'm glad I did, but while I was, I wished I'd stuck with the clamshell clamp.

There's something else Magpul makes called a Battery Assist Device lever, aka B.A.D. Lever. I glossed over it the first time, thinking it was for flashlights or some other batman approach to the fore-end. Don't make that mistake It's probably $5 piece of metal they charge $25ish for. And it's worth every penny. You can flick your INDEXED trigger finger up or down along the index area to engage a bolt lock, or release the bolt after a mag change.

If you want one, a carry handle on Gunbroker can be had. I wanted one, and found someone selling the handle off the standard version you could have had but passed on for the Magpul. (For reference purposes not judging your choice, especially since I made the same choice )

Optics, if you want to put a varmint scope on, you'll probably need/want the handle. You can stick a rail attachement inside the handle, which gives you enough space above the sight tower to mount a hefty optic. I tried that, and liked it, could be effective, but out to 225 I was just as effective with a Strikefire/VMX3 magnifier with swing out mount from Vortex. ~$500 optics two-part package. I advise against any of the 1-4 type tubes. You will smack straight into the tower and not be able to see. Either the red dot that can co-witness with your sights, or the varmint glass that will ghost that tower out of sight.

I like the PMags so far... though I should warn you magazines in AR's are extremely flavor-of-the-month. And last month's flavor is painted with doom and gloom equal to the praise it got the month before apparently. Ask people you trust (And Not me, I haven't had mine enough to reliably comment on magazine reliability) and ignore the rest.
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