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In very similar shoes as OP. I too am getting back into reloading from being out of it for 10 years. Back then I had the Lee single stage. O frame. Not a bad press. I did break it after 2 years of working the press. Not sure how but where the arm connects to the bottom of the ram, that's what broke.

I just posted a question last week asking about Lee or RCBS. Quite surprised by the results that I got. Most people jumped right to Lee and said the Turret press was the way to go. I did see them on ebay for like 114 ish. I have never used an RCBS press so I don't have much to base it off of.

The only thing that had me a bit concerned: When I was looking at the Lee Turret press, people were saying that that the shelf that the dies are in seemed to move a little bit. So they were worried about if the FL size was indeed giving FL. But they didn't have any trouble out on the range.

There seem to be two kits for this press. The Deluxe and the ????? Cant remember that one. I know that you more and less do not want the Deluxe. That one is,,,,, Say,,, missing parts. The press is set up to reload quick. Getting the Deluxe, you have to buy other parts that go on the press to go faster.

Hope that helps a bit..... Welcome back.... Oh yea, One more thing, if you don't like turret operation, it can turn into a single stage press in the matter of seconds.
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