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22 cal power

"Oh! the .22 is a terrible round! Oh, it won't do you any good as an EDC! Oh, you NEED to get the bigger, badder WHATZADINGHY in the OMG caliber, or else all is lost!"


Go ask Robert Kennedy. Ask Jim Brady. Ask the surgeon that operated on Ronald Reagan! Ask the other guys that were with Reagan that day.

Then go ask those folks in the Gambino family, in NYC.

The lowly, unloved, looked down upon .22 Long Rifle round has done the job, so to speak, for years.

I agree with the ccw trainers, who have stated to "empty the magazine". So, in that premise, unloading all those .22's, preferably a 'business' load, and not a 'target' load, "into the area between the shirt pockets", should provide enough metal, to stop up the works.

I have "WHATZADINGHY'S" IN THE "OMG CALIBER". I also own SW model 15's. But in the present post-election reality within the US, as we bemoan the passing of Drake's Cakes, ammunition is becoming a larger chunk of money.

Ergo, the lowly .22 Long Rifle may become a better choice to scrutinize. It does not offer too great recoil, which means a more solid return to target. Sure, there are finicky firearms-to-ammo combos. Do your homework before you buy. There are decent handguns chambered in .22 Long Rifle, that are not designed, just for paper punching, and not too costly. (my 'not too costly' references are: BHP MKIII NIB $900.00; SW Mod 15-3 from some CA sheriff office - reworked and refinished - $350.00.) There are many YouTube review videos on .22 Long Rifle pistols, of all sorts. Watch and learn.

Since .22 Long Rifle does NOT have a history of being scrutinized by the Geneva Convention, unlike other handgun calibers, you are free to use all lead, copper coated, or any other devised bullet design. Me? I like Remington Yellow Jackets, and it's brother - same truncated cone, but a solid, not a hollow point bullet. They have enough powder loaded to cycle a semi-automatic pistol, reliably. They fly at, or better, the recommended minimum velocity for any serious use. They are accurate, and group well.

To sum up. .22 Long Rifle handguns can and do make the grade, both for target fun, small game, and 'EDC'. Become aware of the liabilities of the caliber, and find your niche within them. As to 'EDC', a hole in an organ, is still a hole, and can still be disruptive, enough.

All firearms are loaded.
Never point a firearm at anything you do not wish to destroy.
Do NOT finger that trigger until your firearm is pointed at the intended target.
Watch what is BEHIND your intended target.
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