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The SBE has a 28 inch barrel but no extended magazine, that I can find. Do they make a pistol grip stock for the SBE?
Most (maybe 80% if I was to take a edumacated guess) 3-gunners don't use a PG stock. I've tried it both ways with an M2. I like a Mesa Tactical "Urbino" stock for the HD gun (12.5" LOP), and a standard straight stock, cut down to a 13.25" LOP for 3-G.
28" barrel is kinda cumbersome for 3-G... but fine for your first attempt. Watch out with getting hung up on barricades. I tried a 26" for awhile and went back to 22" and 24"... 'cause my bad depth perception had me swinging and shoving when I didn't have the room to either swing nor shove.
I was asked by a friend if I might be interested in doing some 3 Gun shoots. Sounded good to me.
Just put an extended tube on it and maybe a clamp if its a cheap, thin-wall tube... and go for it. If you like it, then chances are you'll want to buy or build a dedicated gun.
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