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Hi, I started out not too long ago . I researched how I could start out with the least amount of money. I wanted something beginner friendly . I ended up with something between a single stage and a progressive. For $104 I bought a Lee Classic (deluxe) press KIT. The classic kit as opposed to the (deluxe) was more money . To get started , with this kit you need to order a extension for the powder hopper in order to use the auto primer. Even with this extension the hopper still comes in slight contact with the auto primer. Not a big deal , it works fine. The extension costs about $10 dollers. The additional auto primer that attaches to the press costs $19. The third item I bought were the dies for 9mm ,$37. I'm sure rifle dies will be a little more. With these 3 extra items added to the kit , the deluxe 4 hole turret kit was still less than the classic 4 hole turret kit. I'm not sure of the difference but I believe the classic version may be more heavy duty. Either way this press will do the job. For a total of $160 plus about $15 or $20 in shipping, you will have what you need to get started again. Now , I'm loading 9mm so if you decide on something like this double check which caliber rifle dies this press uses . I find the press easy to use and set up. I did use YouTube and some contact with Lee for the initial set up. There are many options out there but I found this press economical and easy to use. I found this press and all the above prices on a web store called FS reloading . Google it . I have no affiliations with this company. I'm just passing on the conclusion to my research. They had the best prices I could find. Good luck!
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