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Originally Posted by Brian Pfleuger
Possibly, but again, the point I am making is that the idea that a 25-06 is adequate for coyote and nothing bigger at 400 yards is pure silliness. I wouldn't hesitate to use either one on an elk at 400 yards if I thought I could put the bullet where it needed to be.
I'm sure the "coyote" comment was an exaggeration to some point, and maybe some personal feelings mixed in. However, saying you wouldn't hesitate to shoot an elk at 400 yards tells me that you have never seriously hunted elk. A big cow will more than double a big NY buck and a bull will probably be at least three times as large.

We all know that bullet placement trumps velocity and energy every time. When using marginal cartridges on elk, and the .25-06 and .243 are marginal, you had better be prepared to eat tag soup all winter. Even though bullet technology has improved the performance of both cartridges they still can't best larger chmberings when it come to killing elk.
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