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We had quite a discussion about the 464 SPX, when it was announced in January:
New Mossberg 464 SPX .... nearly speechless

It was also featured in the December 2012 American Rifleman. I, honestly, could not stop laughing while I read the article. The author tries SO hard to avoid criticizing the rifle in any way, and makes several incredibly ambiguous or dodgy statements to maintain the "say no evil" approach. -- It is what it is. Don't try to sugar-coat it and make Mossberg out to be the savior of the levergun with THAT thing.

for goodness sakes guys. this is NOT A NEW RIFLE!!!

it has been out for years, I have been reading about them for well over a year.
Tahunua, it was announced in early January 2012 and debuted at the SHOT show.
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