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Just an update on this gun. It is now fixed. After I posted this, I finally got my hands on the gun and got it took apart. Yes the action was infact jammed and no it wasn't feeding right.

The carrier pawl was broken and causing the feeding issue but the gunsmith that had the gun before I got it didn't help matters any. Instead of replacing the carrier pawl he streched the carrier pawl spring and reinstalled the end of the carrier pawl. And if that wasn't bad enough for some unknow reason he had the carrier spring installed upside-down, causing the carrier to push up as soon as the bolt moved back.

As for this being the fourth carrier pawl to be installed in this gun? Who knows because that was the gunsmith that this gun was taken to for repairs every time.

After replacing the carrier pawl and righting the spring for the carrier all is well with this gun and it is back with it's very happy owner.

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