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After a lifetime of suffering, in so many ways, in Massachusetts due to job and family obligations, we've recently moved to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I'm sure there are other areas in the country where gun-owning outdoor enthusiasts can be happy, but for my wife and me this is as close to Heaven as we're going to get.

The gun laws are fine - no permit necessary for open carry and concealed carry is a "shall issue" permit from the local police department. Mine took about 3 days to get and was free - towns are permitted, as I recall, to charge $10 but my town doesn't. Wonderful low taxes and great recreational opportunities, not just gun-related, but hiking, skiing, fishing, etc. If you need to get to Boston regularly for work you'll be restricted to the lower-tier of the state which has the issues an earlier poster noted, but if it's just an amorous relationship then you've got a bit more latitude.

I love this place.
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