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RidgeRunner, it's relavent if you just answer the question. If you didn't measure the pressure, then you're guessing or calculating from something that probably doesn't match your stuff. All you had to do was say so.

Meanwhile, I'll easily shoot bullets faster than a SAAMI or MIL SPEC peak pressure load for a .30-06 with a 172-gr. M2 match bullet standardized at 2640 fps with a MIL-SPEC proof load for the 7.62 NATO M60 round that uses that same 172-gr bullet atop 41 grains of IMR4475 (a 5.56 NATO powder) in a standard M80 round's case and its primer. Having shot a thousand or two of these in competition from Garands (yes, they take it in stride quite handily, several service teams used them in their M14's, too) and a couple dozen through a chronograph, they clocked at 2790 to 2830 fps on average from the M1 barrel used to test them.

But wait; there's more. . .So you could put together a MIL SPEC M1 .30-06 proof load with a LC case and primer and 52 grains of IMR4198 under a 172-gr. M2 bullet then out shoot the 7.62 NATO proof load above giving that bullet near 2900 fps from your .30-06.

Note that both these proof loads produce 67,500 to 71,000 cup pressure or approaching 80,000 psi in transducer systems.

And this leap-frogging could continue until the rifle blows; just like a low numbered 1903 Springfield did decades ago when a military unit tested one to see when it would blow up; it took a case half full of Bullseye pistol powder under a 172-gr. bullet to do it.

Meanwhile, let's stick to a SAAMI pressure standards to level the playing field (shooting range?). Which means the .30-06 has about a 100 - 125 fps advantage over a .308 Win.

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