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final version

This is the final version.

I ended up cutting about 2 inches off the length and taking down the profile a little bit in order to get it to a size that the leather cheek piece would fit on top

As planned, once it was stained to match the stock I place it on the stock on top of a rubber pad. this is the kind of pad they make for tool chest drawer liners.

Then the classic leather cheekpiece from SA fits on that, although the leather string it comes with is about 1 foot too short. While I'm looking for a longer leather string I used a spare boot lace.

The combination of the wooden riser and the leather - with a bit of trial and error to get the position right - came together, then i cinched down the boot string and it seems like its not going anywhere.

As I'm hunting w this gun, below is one more shot - this of the stock being coated in a cammo wrap. this is the kind that has no adhesive - its liek the new wraps physicians use - it sticks to itself. w the moving parts on an M1 I will have to have some of the action and wood exposed, but a good bit of it will be cammo.

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