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Caribou is my goal this year. I had some caribou burgers and summer sausage earlier in the year and it was delicious. I have thought about moose also but caribou seems like a better goal because a moose would just be too much meat for me haha.
As a brand new hunter I would highly recommend AGAINST tackling moose or caribou on your own.

Page down a bit and read the other post about Caribou and Moose hunting in Alaska, read all the post.

I spent 22 years in Alaska leaving in '94. Its not like it use to be by a long shot. Both caribou and moose require getting off the beaten path. You don't want to do that without having someone more experienced with you.

If you want rabits, wait until there is fresh snow, then drive up to the Knick River Bridge. Walk the wooded area looking for fresh tracks. Follow the tracks and they'll take you to the rabits. Rabits should be white about now. Stay away from the rivers, the overflows will kill you.

The University of Alaska Anchorage use to have a survival class. Check that out. A couple hours a week. Remember Anchorage ISN'T Alaska.

Find a mentor.
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