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It's my thought that Kroil (as great as it is) is ruther lousy as a rust preventative. I recall a guy up in Oregon or the soggy portion of Washington doing a side-by-side comparison of different products on regualr steel plates. The Kroil came in last, or second to last.

RIG is good. But if you live in a place as dry as my home area- Ballestol or plain old clear mineral oil works fine and dandy.

Ok, just took a peek at your handle- looks like you are most likely in FL. Unless you wipe those firearms down pretty frequently, like once a month or more- might as well go with a top performer like RIG.

As a side wonderment- I really don't know why nobody else seems to like mineral oil. It has no harsh additives, no smell, coats and stays well. A bottle will last for years. When I got handed an additional duty/job of museum curator, I visited with a number curators who said MO was used quite a bit during severe cash strapped years and in the years before the use of modern preservatives. However, three of these guys and gals were here in the Tx Panhandle, and one in S/E Colorado. I haven't talked with any of them from any particularly high humidity areas.
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