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I had three 1187's during the early 1990's, and not one worked right. The O rings blew out - again and again and again and again. Remington could not fix it - even though I paid for work done to one of them. The best Remington could do was to send me a few dozen O rings to replace the ones that failed. What did the O ring failure mean? Well, my one in the chamber fired, and then the two in the magazine remained there. So, basically I never had a chance for doubles on pheasants or triples on mallards. Needless to say, after the third attempt and 1187 disappointment I switched brands. Perhaps Remington has fixed the 1187 since then, but the gun I replaced them with has yet to fail going into its 18th season, and although the pheasants and mallards are voting 1187, even if my current autoloader needed replacement, I would not buy an 1187. Three strikes and you're out.
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