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my first Frenchy

well I had to sell a can of 7.62x25 ammo for it but I got a MAS 36 out of the deal. it is the first one I've seen in person so I jumped on it. the guy was asking 150 but I was able to talk him down to 135 on it. the wood looks like birch and cosmetically is in pretty rough condition but the bore is pristine, I have never seen a shinier bore.

the butt stock has a serial number that matches the receiver but the bolt serial does not match. the only markings on the barrel that I see are the CAI etching. how'd I do?

Hope to have picks up some time tomorrow.

EDIT: amplifying information. floor plate also has a serial that does not match. serial is K 75XXX. any idea on year and month of manufacture? I've narrowed it down to anywhere between 44 and 45 so it's a late war production model, does that hurt or help value?
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