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I have nothing against the 7-08, I'm sure it's a good cartridge.
I just don't see any benifit in it seeing that I already own a fine rifle in a better caliber, the 280.

If I want less recoiling rifles I have two 243s and a 250 Savage, all three of them are very mild in the recoil department.
All three of them are also excellent choices for Deer or Antelope.

Now if I need to go to longer range and bigger game my 280, 30-06 or custom 8mm gets the nod.

If we want to play with numbers, here's some factory numbers.

Both are factory loads shooting 150 grain bullets which I feel would be the minimum I would use on Elk or longer range shooting.

MV 2650 100yds/2430 200yds/2235 300yds/2043 400/yds/1859 500/tds1689

ME 2339 100yds/1979 200yds/1664 300yds/1390 400yds/1151 500yds/950

MV 2890 100yds/2687 200yds/2494 300yds/2308 400yds/2130 500yds/1960

ME 2782 100yds/2405 200/yds2071 300yds/1774 400yds/1511 500yds/1279

I heard or read it suggested many times that the minimum ME for deer is 1200and the minimum for Elk is 1500.
I can't say that I buy into all that but rest assured if I was going Elk hunting or planing on doing some long range shooting on Deer and Elk I would be packing a 280 over a 7-08.

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