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2damnold4this, I realize that opinions vary on .38 vs .380. and in the same barrel length I'd favor the .38 as well. but at 2" the round suffers pretty drastically in performance, making .380 pretty comparable.

best .380 70% 1-shot
best .38 68% 1-shot

.38 has more sectional density, which results in better penetration.
.380 actually has more energy (when fired from an inch longer barrel), giving it better expansion properties.

.38's tend to make deeper holes, .380's tend to make wider holes. they make a very similar "total amount of hole".

both have the same starting diameter.

2" .38 and 3" .380 are close enough that I'd rate the .38 better in winter and the .380 better in summer (literally heavy clothing could tip the balance between these two).

Again, given the same barrel length, I'd favor .38 all year. but a 3" .38 is typically on the big side for CCW, and a 3" .380 is very compact, even compared to a 2" .38

personally i favor the LCR .38 snub over a micro.380 though, simply because I don't find any of the current tiny .380's i've gotten to shoot to be very good to shoot (ergonomics/accuracy/trigger/pointability/etc). I'd kinda prefer a .380, but I just don't like the one's i've gotten to play with.

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