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In general, New England is not nearly as bad (gun-wise)as many people believe ... or promulgate. That said, of the New England states Massachusetts is without doubt the worst (gun-wise).

New Hampshire has no sales tax and is gun friendly, but they do require a permit. Easy to get. Check for reciprocity information. Sadly, to be convenient to Boston you would probably settle in the southern part of NH, and that has become basically a Boston suburb ... complete with Boston attitudes. My sister and her husband used to live in Hudson, NH (southern). About four or five years ago they got tired of all the expatriate Bostonians and moved way farther north.

Vermont has a climate similar to NH. Easy gun laws -- no carry permits required, but zero reciprocity if you travel elsewhere.

Connecticut actually has decent gun laws. Permit required to carry, but it is shall issue. Aside from that, VERY expensive. I contractor I know who lives in CT told me just last week that in three separate surveys of the worst states to live in, CT rated #50, 49 and 48. There is no reciprocity -- a handful of (mostly) western states unilaterally recognize CT permits, but CT doesn't recognize anyone else's.

Maine has decent gun laws, and excellent recreation. can be lonely in the winter, and in the summer U.S. Route 1 becomes a 200-mile-long parking lot. Dunno about reciprocity but I suspect it is very limited.

Massachusetts will give (okay, "sell") you a non-resident carry permit if you live in any of the surrounding states. It's easier to get a non-resident permit than it is for MA residents, and it (probably) won't be limited to "range only." The downside is that it's only good for one year at a time, and they whack you $150 a year to renew.

Rhode Island isn't as bad as MA but not as good as CT, NH, ME and VT as far as gun laws. Economy stinks in RI, as it does in CT and MA. RI is may-issue, AFAIK, and like MA it may be easier to get a non-resident permit for RI than a resident permit.

There isn't much industry left in New England, due to the high cost of living and the corrosive effects of labor unions driving up the costs of production. Most of New England's factories moved to the south and southwest decades ago .. and then subsequently moved from those places to "offshore" locations. I grew up in New England and I have family in CT, VT and NH, but I can't afford the cost of living.

I hope some of that helps.
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