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First off the position of the gun to the leg in the pocket carry position basically aims the gun in the direction of a major artery so if there was an AD/ND most likely you will bleed to death in seconds

Second: pocket carry is very restrictive in sitting and has no tactical advantage so getting to the gun under stress forces one to draw in a less then desirable position and cause of that can increase chances of an AD/ND
As I sat in my chair, reading your response, I slipped my hand into my pocket to verify if it was pointing at my femoral artery, as you indicated it does when pocket carried. It was was pointing down the outside of my right leg. I then stood up, hopped around a bit, performed a couple of deep knee bends, stood up straight, and checked it again. Still pointing down the outside of my right leg. Your theory doesn't work for me. If a person finds themselves in danger of blowing out their femoral artery as you stated, then I would suggest they look into a better pocket holster, a better cut of pants, or perhaps a different handgun altogether. It isn't rocket science to make it work correctly.

As to your second comment....anything performed under stress will cause a person to function in a lower capacity. That is why we practice (at least I do). Have you ever performed live fire from within a vehicle? If you think drawing a handgun from a pocket, while sitting is a compromise, try putting a long gun into action from the driver's seat. I take my practice seriously. I'm sure you do so too. If you do, then I really don't see the issue of pocket carrying in a holster. Of course, if a person doesn't practice it, then perhaps it is better to not carry.
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