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My C&R Strikes Again! Gill gun followed me home.

Father forgive me, for I have given in to my nature and not resisted temptation.

This weekend was just going to be go down to meet the minister who will be officiating the marriage of myself and Sweet Thing.

However, the gun shop down there has a bargain barrel of used holsters. Earlier in the summer, I acquired a nice Bianchi holster for my GP 100. After checking out my find, my little brother started dropping hints that he would like a holster for his Taurus revolver. (little such and such has to keep rubbing it in that he has 7 shots, not 6. But he does concede that mine has a much smoother action)

Anyway, not a holster for a 6" revolver to be had. I started looking around and found a Springfield 87A. It was kind of rough, some surface rust and pitting but the bore looked good.

Next thing I know, I'm asking if it's old enough to transfer on my C&R. Well, the darned thing was made somewhere between 1938 and 1945.

Now I have a three part project. Re finish the stock, re blue it, and fix it up.

Somebody was in to it before. Several screws have the heads buggered up and one of the screws holding the safety in is not original. I also have to fix a feeding issue.

I don't know why I wanted this gun. I saw a few in shops over the last couple of years and thought it looked neat. That, and I'm a sucker for old .22 rifles.
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