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The rifle has sat for a while, so I guess my first question would be- Do you have any attachment to the rifle?

Even with the malfunction, that's a pretty good price. And, the time you spent as a 0317- I trust your assessment of the reason it had a runaway- that's a cheap fix anyhow. Replacing the whole upper would be an option, although a costly one. However, a cheaper route might be to see of a Gun Smith in your area could ream the chamber out to .223 Wylde. That would enable you to fire both .223 and 5.56. As modular as AR's are- I think that would be the least expensive option as long as you're happy with the rest of the rifle. The next least expensive step would be to have the barrel replaced, you might even get a bit knocked off the price if you let the person doing the swap keep the old barrel.

What in particular do you see yourself doing with the rifle? 24" is kinda on the long and heavy side and not the most agile, but it does make for a nice range/not-much-walking varmint rifle. I personally see it as being under scoped, but that's just my preference/opinion.
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