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5.5 grains is not particularly high for that powder with that bullet weight. The Alliant site has a Speer Gold Dot HP 185 grain bullet seated to 1.2" COL loaded with 8.2 grains of Unique.

Masaad Ayoob describes a case he testified in for which he suggests the light load is what contributed to a murder conviction. It was failure of adequate powder stippling to appear that contributed to the prosecutor and later the jury deciding that what the defense says was a suicide with a very light target load was actually a shot fired from a greater distance, and therefore was a homicide rather than a suicide. That's oversimplifying, but that was the gist of it. On the other side of the argument is that the only way the situation could have been prevented was for the home to have no light target loads in it anywhere, an unlikely situation for a target shooter. All you can advise in that situation is that if you have someone suicidal in your home, lock all the guns up and don't give them the combination to the safe.
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