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The biggest enemy of any semi auto is the nut on the back of the stock. I dare say of late more 1100s are bought by experienced shooter whereas more 11-87s are bought by newbies - another factor. The guns are 99.9% the same, and over their history there have been 1100s that were really 11-87s, and 11-87 target models that were really 1100s under the skin. For a man with one gun wanting flexibility, an 11-87 has more flexibility. In spite of what you hear, you can swap barrels although you may have to shim the fore end, and make sure if you put an older 1100 barrel on an 11-87 you widen the extractor slot or swap bolts too, because the 11-87 ushered in a wider extractor. The new 1100s have them too. the newer 11-87s have a flat finish aimed at hunters whereas the 1100s are all spit and polish target models - except for the Gander Mountain 1100s, which actually looked quite nice. Satin, not at all 870 flat.
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