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no bobbed hammer just hammerless unless that is what you mean by bobbed..
We may have a confusion of terminology between us.

Ruger doesn't make a "hammerless" (hammer totally enclosed, internal to the gun) SP101. (LCRs are hammerless.) There is a hammer. You'll see it pull back when you pull the trigger. The hammer will have had it's spur for manual cocking removed, and (if factory installed) is DA only.

$299 is an excellent price. It's a price that would have me putting money down instantly and looking into what I could liquidate. Ruger will (so I read on the Interwebz, <sarc>so you know it's true</sarc>) fit a DA/SA hammer, if that's what you want. But, DA is the way you ought to be shooting a snub.

To the original point, a Taurus can be fine. Mine is. But, you do run a somewhat higher than usual risk of having a customer service rant to share with us.
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