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Ray HP
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I am surprised that I haven't seen any post about the gathering, especially since it was a blast.

I enjoyed the shooting session and the company. I could tell that safety was a top priority for everyone there. That was comforting to me.

After the shooting was over, I started a list of e-mail adress, user name and name of all the Gathering participants(that I have not sent out yet). To any who did not complete the list, e-mail me your information and I will add your name.

For those who like to shoot rifles: There is a 2 day High Power clinic, sponsored by the Ohio Rifle & Pistol Association (ORPA), on April 28 & 29, at Camp Perry. The clinic provides all Rifles (M-1 Garand) and ammunition. Cost is $69 plus $21 ORPA membership. Camp Perry is 2 hours west of Cleveland. Huts are available for overnight lodging, cost is $5 per person per night.

This is a fun clinic. I have gone at least 6 times. On Saturday there is an instructional class and 30 rounds practice. Then 50 rounds fired on Sunday. Anyone who is interested can e-mail me for more information.
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