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Posted by Skadoosh: How about we just chalk this one up to the good guys/girls?
Let's hope we can do that.

None of us will make the decision, nor do we have the facts to enable us to do so.

What we can do is understand, and help others understand, that drawing a firearm falls under different laws in different states, and that the consequences of doing so unlawfully can be very severe indeed. It is not a good idea do so unless there is reason to believe that it is immediately necessary.

But should it ever become immediately necessary, it is important to recognize that fact before it is to late, and it is essential to be able to do it very quickly indeed. We should not lose sight of the fact that she was able to produce an empty weapon, find the magazine and insert it, and rack the slide without being seriously injured and losing the firearm in the process. I suggest that either she was extremely lucky or that the perp did not really present an immediate threat. No way to tell which, but carrying an empty firearm for protection just isn't very prudent.
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