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Drail thanks for all the input.

You need to find some way to get out of the habit of rechambering rounds.
Typically my carry guns get chambered with a round and stay that way until the next time I go to the range, but since this is a new gun I have been doing alot of dry firing and the like so I have been chambering and unchambering rounds more frequently than usual. I never really had the issue with setback in my other guns so I will be more careful about rechambering rounds.

a rigid spring steel extractor (like a 1911) that does not pivot on a pin may snap over the rim a few times but it was never designed to do that and it will damage the extractor. It cannot flex that far without being stressed to its limit. If you have a pivoting extractor then knock yourself out. I still don't understand why anyone would want to do this.
I'm not 100% sure which extractor it is but I am going to say it is a pivoting extractor based on the picture. If it is a pivoting extractor does that mean it's safe for the extractor to manually chamber the round?

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