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I can't say about the GP- other than I never cared for them in favor of S&W.
One Ruger I bought never worked right out of the box. It was a single six with a 22mag cylinder. 22 LR & shorts did fire but 22 mags did not. I dumped it. After some years the next Ruger I bought was a new model super blackhawk in 44 mag for deer season. Fit and finish was not so good. I'd be ashamed of that handgun at the factory if I was the one that cranked it out. My dealer spent a lot of time on it to make it look better. If he didn't. I'd leave it there unsold. What surprises me is that you can spend quite a lot of money on a handgun expecting the best and not seeing it. My next step is to dial it in firing three different ammo brands. With luck I might be able to remove and install the cylinder after cleaning. My dealer and I had quite a hard time with getting that cylinder & pin in place. I think he dumped a few ounces of RemOil on it and said the parts were dry, tight, sticking and with some use it should work in to operate as expected.
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