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Posted by barstoolguru: Cop is not voted into office and are under no pressure to be political so why are you bringing it up.
The police do not make the charging decision.

Maybe, just maybe they seen a woman that felt like her life and wellbeing and the wellbeing of her child was in danger.
If she ends up not being charged, there are several possibilities, including the following:
  1. There exists some evidence supporting a basis for a reasonable belief that unlawful force had in fact been threatened; that is not clear from the article.
  2. The authorities have decided that on balance, it would not further the cause of justice to charge the woman, even if there is no evidence that would support a defense of justification.
  3. The charging authorities believe that a decision to charge would be unpopular, but that not charging her would not constitute a material failure of the justice sytem; that would be a political decision.

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