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Glock 19 Gen 4 issue

Purchaced my first glock two weeks ago and I have been experiencing alot of failure to eject problems. It's a G19 gen 4, I bought the gun new and it looks like it was manufactured june 2012, it seems to have all the latest parts (0-4-3 RSA and 30274 ejector)

The problems are as follows:

EVERY time I load the gun to capacity (10 rounds in magazine + 1 in chamber) the first shot goes off but the spent cartridge either fails to eject from the chamber completely or stove pipes. I tried doing this a number of times and the issue happens each time over and over, once I clear the first catridge out manually, the other 10 shots cycle fine

When i load 10 in the magazine without a round in the chamber there have been 2 failure to eject issues out of 300 rounds

I did get hit in the face a few times with brass (not that it was a problem, but possibly related to issue?)

I have adjusted my grip several times to see if that would make a difference, I keep my wrists locked to make sure limp wristing is not the issue, i always make sure the slide is locked closed and magazine is fully inserted, ive also used several different ammos-Remington, Herters brass case, American Eagle and PMC, it continues to happen with all of them

Anyone experience similar issues using a gen 4 with latest parts?

I would appreciate any suggestions as to what the issue might be, will probably bring it back to the store within the next few days, they said they would have the gun smith take a look
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