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Originally Posted by Brian Pfleuger
I have a diagnosis for you, sir. You have a case of Magnum-itis. Don't worry though, there's hope.

Start by watching this video:

Now reconsider, after seeing a 243 kill an elk, DRT, at 688 yards, your assertion that the 25-06, a cartridge offering nearly 25% more energy than that 243, would only be adequate for coyote and smaller at about 2/3s of the distance that you just watched the 243 drop an elk in it's tracks.
Except the .243 will generally have more energy at 700 yards than a .25-06 will. There are a much better selection of high BC bullets for long range shots with the .243 than the .25-06. If you figure the 105 berger Berger used in the video against the .257 115 grain Berger both launched at 3000 fps the .243 will beat it at 700 yards. It doesn't do it by a whole lot but if you start comparing the other offerings in .257 caliber to the .243 105 Berger the gap between the two starts to widen by a bit.
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