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LCR = awesome weapon. I am VERY seriously looking at this for my CCW future. If I do get it, it will be with the crimson trace grips. (worth noting, the LCR looks like a better CCW solution for the money than a S&W J frame, for now anyway, I'm sure S&W is working on that issue). Also worth noting, .38 out of a 2" barrel isn't really noticeably more potent than .380 in a 3" barrel. So when comparing between a 2" .38 and a 3" .380, I'd call the per-round potency a wash.

LCP = I have come to develop some bad feelings about all the micro.380's out there. Typically they have horrible triggers, horrible ergonomics, poor reliability, and bad accuracy. Some models of tiny .380 manage to avoid some of these issues, but I have not found a single one which really addresses all of these issues to my satisfaction. I'm really quite frustrated with pretty much all of them, from all brands (and not for lack of trying). Of them all, the S&W bodyguard came closest (for me), mostly because it fit amazingly well in the hand, and was extremely point-able. But it has a pretty horrible trigger, and it doesn't always go bang.

LC9 = no direct experience with it. But i'd like to try one and see

PM9 = for the money, get the CM9 instead. CM9 is a budget version of the PM9, button rifling, a couple of stamped parts (instead of milled), but functionally the same gun, same dimensions, and same reliability. CM9 is another very strong possibility for my next CCW.

Glock 26 = amazing reliability, durability, longetivity, accuracy, and anything else good that ends in Y. It's fat though. both in terms of it's thickest measurement, and a blocky shape that prints through clothes. Not as easy to conceal. I think the entire US shooting public is waiting with baited breath for glock to create a single-stack magazine 9mm compact with rounded edges. Like a streamlined, "thin" glock 26. Such a gun could easily become the ultimate CCW choice. but alas... austria seems disinterested.

Berreta 3032 tomcat = my current CCW. ok, it's .32acp... not exactly a canon. But it has what all the pocket .380's have failed to deliver (for me anyway). it's accurate, ergonomicly sound, great trigger, DA/SA, accurate to shoot quickly, reliable, etc. In other words, a real gun, that I can shoot rapidly with good shot placement. it's just very small. disappointment with the .380's crop has me still using this gun.

There are some other good options, but I notice you're a ruger fan, and there's 1 or 2 really good options right there. Ruger's taken CCW pretty seriously as a business market.

I'm anxious to hold/shoot a CM9 and a LC9 (and a taurus 709 too). If any of them are ergonomically sound, have good triggers, durable, and fire reliably... I'll probably buy one. I was unable to find that blend of attributes in the various pocket .380's, I'm hoping the pocket 9's are better.
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